Formed in the early 2000s by JMA689 in San Francisco, CA., the project effectively became a real band in 2008 with the arrival of Laurence.

An amalgam of organic instruments and mechanical rhythms, 2¦Frail plays what they define themselves as darkgaze, an homogenic crossover between different music styles such as noise rock, metal, shoegaze, pop, drone and new-wave.

After a 2 song release in 2005 on the Australian net-label Ren-ga (www.ren-ga.com) which generated some positive feedback, and a participation to a Christmas online compilation (with their own version of Lennon's song renamed "xmas is over (if you want it)"), the band is actively working on its next release, a 5 song CD called "Brouillard" (fog in french).
Live, 2¦Frail mixes musical atmospheres with video projections which complement the different topics the songs are about.

JMA689 previously played with San Francisco math rockers Painted Bird and french industrial band 689EYES.

For fans of: Jesu, Nadja, A Place to Bury Strangers, Isis, My Bloody Valentine, Loop...