Still between the mountains of madness and the sea of despair (North Wales), Finite Death are filthy industrialists in the heart of the wilderness. A long lived short term project that comes together with a frequency somehow related to geological time and planetary alignments, inputs from various sources lead to the varying output, it is more or less than the sum of whatever scrap parts are salvaged. The new "Aural Blight" EP has finally reached a stage of completion and will be released presently. Four tracks totalling over 30 minutes of material, it's a subconcious effort to repeatedly bang heads against all walls that restrain, be they tv brainwashing, democratic slavery, religious escapism or consumer addiction. "Post Human" is a track on that ep demolished and rebuilt for this compilation by our friends at Concrete/Field. The previous “Definite” EP was released in 2005 as a benefit fund-raiser for various organisations relevant to its messages on resisting political and religious hypocrisy, war-mongering, and environmental degradation. If you've got something to say, say it loud. Or whisper it against an onslaught of noise and if people want to hear it they will.