Monotremata comprises the sound and chaos of one Mr. Chris Coccia. It began down in Ventura, CA in 2004 as a project called Taishakuten, but after lineup changes, rearrangements, new sounds, etc., it was decided the machine had become a new beast. In december of 2005 Taishakuten was laid to rest and Monotremata was christened.

Originally working with Casey Shropshire (Ex-Uphill Battle, Bass/Vocals) and an Alesis SR-16, long-time friend Martin Ayala (Psycho Cafe/Thornlord) jumped on shortly after to take up the drums. Initially just the 'live' drummer, things moved quickly and real percussion was soon part of the rotation. The cast of supporting characters comes and goes, with Chris being the mainstay and brains behind the operation.

The first demo, featuring the duo/drum machine line up, was quickly put together and released in time for a string of local shows in Feb 2006. Recording on a full-length, full-band effort began in Dec 2006.. After some delays, the album was finally finished and ready to go in August 2007. With no options really, the band released the album in its entirety for free at www.monotrematamusic.com. 2008 saw the quiet release of the Mask EP, written and recorded by just Chris. New material is currently being worked on, and thanks to a hard drive failure, its only been set back a year or so now..

With influences including the obvious Godflesh, Swans, Halo, Big Black, Neurosis, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Black Flag, even some black metal bits.. The goal isnt necessarily to be the uber extreme or push any boundaries.. Although we wouldnt complain if that happened, were just out to jam some heavy music that we enjoy playing. We hope you like it too.