Juraj Marko - guitar, bass, vocals & sequencer

newbreed was formed in autumn/winter 1995 in Slovakia,BN as ananswer to bands like GODFLESH, SCORN(Vae Solis era), early NAPALM DEATH, FEAR FACTORY, etc... Former members are: Juraj Marko - guitar, backing vocals; Patrik Milanovič - drums, backing vocals; Ivan Bežo - lead vocals and Jaroslav Nemec(THREAT) for the helping hand on bass guitar during our live acts. A self titled demo was released in december 1995 on cassette in test room. The band was active from december 1995 - september 1997. In october 1997 we stopped any activity and newbreed was transformed into BN hardcore band BLAST. I re-activated newbreed in april 2009 as a one member band. I am now working on re-releasing the songs from 1995 and working on new songs.