Limp Sidney: Programming, Sampling, Guitars, Vocals and Electronics.
Wilhelm Stroker: Guitars & Sampling.
Captain Shitébeard: Guitars, production.

Semi0n are a Newbury, UK based post everything band.

We take influence from a various alternative music genres. None of which are the manufactured septic doss which is sadly labelled as so nowadays. Look at our influences for the bands that have directly and indirectly inspired us.

Most of the music on our Myspace page is work in progress, hence why versions of tracks will change as we work on them. Some changes will be merely cosmetic, whilst other tracks will be unrecognisable from the initial version. We are doing this to show the way in which the band is evolving and mutating, rather than give a placid controlled version of a band with a finished product.

Our biggest success so far is that we had one of our tracks played by mistake on Dutch radio. Like most things in the world of Semi0n, it’s a happy accident. As Semi0n takes everything hyper-seriously and nothing seriously at all.

Semi0n not the hardest band in the world and only halfway there