Jason B. Selden - guitars, vocals, programming
Submerged - bass guitar, programming
Philia Downs - vocals
Machine - drums

The Project_Pale is Jason B. Selden.(Formerly known as Glitch from The Chosen in the drum n Bass world)

Hailing from Brooklyn/Kingston NY and formed in 2008, This composer who cut his teeth as a electronic music artist for many years made a decision to start making music that was closer to his heart.

During the recording of the debut album ” Our Inventions and How They Fail Us” he recruited label owner,bass player Kurt Gluck (Submerged) as well as vocalist Philia Downs (sensii*star) on board to collaborate with.

The debut album “Our Inventions and How They Fail Us” was released on May 4th 2009 on Ohm Resistance.